Installation, Configuration, and Usage

How do I decide which packages I need?

digraph decide_project { size="10,4"; graph [fontname = "helvetica", fontsize="18"]; node [fontname = "helvetica", fontsize="18"]; edge [fontname = "helvetica", fontsize="18"]; label = "Note:\nGreen ringed shapes are links on this site and open in this window\nBlue ones are links to external sites and open in a new tab/window." tooltip="How do I decide which packages I need?"; // Top Level what [ shape=parallelogram, label="What are you\ntrying to do?", tooltip="You have several possibilities!", style=filled, color=".3 .7 1.0"] // Second Level try [ shape=box, label="Try the notebook", tooltip="Try the Jupyter notebook!"] install [shape=box, label="Install the notebook", tooltip="Go To Install Jupyter!"] team [ shape=box, label="Install notebooks\n for my team, class,\n or group", tooltip="Install for teams, etc!"] convert [ shape=box, label="Convert my\n notebook file to\n another format", tooltip="Convert to other formats."] lang [ shape=box, label="Use another\n programming\n language such as\n R or Java", tooltip="Use other programming languages."] custom [ shape=box, label="Customize the\n notebook for my\n needs", tooltip="Customize Notebooks."] // 3rd Level online [ label="Try Online", tooltip="Try Notebooks Online - without any installation!", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://try.jupyter.org/"] doinstall [ label="Install Jupyter", tooltip="How to install", target="_top", color=green, // Local Link href="../install.html"] // 4th level hub [ label="JupyterHub", tooltip="Install JupyterHub", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://github.com/jupyterhub/jupyterhub"] nbconvert [ label="nbconvert", tooltip="How to convert notebooks", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://nbconvert.readthedocs.io/en/latest/"] kernel [ label="Install a\nlanguage\nkernel", tooltip="How to install kernels", target="_top", color=green, // Local Link href="../projects/subprojects.html?highlight=jupyterhub#kernels"] // Path labels noinst [ shape=plaintext, label="No installation\nneeded!", tooltip="Don't wish to install yet?"] like [ shape=plaintext, label="I like it,\nand I wish to install it!", tooltip="You like it!"] my [ shape=plaintext, label="On my system", tooltip="Local Installation"] // below kernel widgets [ label="Widgets", tooltip="Install & use ipywidgets", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://ipywidgets.readthedocs.io/en/latest/"] extend [ label="Extensions", tooltip="Install & use extensions", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://github.com/jupyter/help"] dash [ label="Dashboards", tooltip="Install & use dashboards", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://github.com/ipython-contrib/IPython-notebook-extensions"] help [ label="Help", tooltip="Ask on jupyter help", target="_blank", color=blue, // External Link href="https://github.com/jupyter/help"] // Edges what -> {try install team convert lang custom} try -> noinst -> online online -> like -> doinstall install -> my -> doinstall team -> hub convert -> nbconvert lang -> kernel custom -> {widgets extend dash help} // Arangement {rank=same; what} {rank=same; try; install; team; convert; lang; custom;} {rank=same; widgets; extend;} {rank=same; my; dash; help;} }