Community Guides

Welcome to the Community Guides for Jupyter. These guides are intended to provide information about the Jupyter community such as background, events, and communication channels. As our community is highly dynamic, information may change, and we will do our best to keep it up to date.

Weekly Dev meeting

The core developers have weekly meetings to discuss and demo what they have been working on, discuss future plans, and bootstrap conversation. These meetings are public. The direct link to attend the meeting will be posted to the Hackpad before the meeting. Afterwards, the recording of the meeting will be posted to the IPython channel on YouTube.

Jupyter/IPython meetings:

  • Tuesdays at 9am PST

JupyterLab meetings:

  • Fridays at 9am PST

Collaborative notes are taken before/during the meeting on Hackpad. Hackpads are organized by month.

We will ping the dev-meeting-attendance Gitter channel 1-2 days before each meeting to know who is likely going to attend.

Jupyter communications


Code of conduct

Information can be found in the Jupyter Governance repo on GitHub.